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  • What is https://www.Considering
  • Does https://www.Considering offer? Psychotherapy?
  • How much does https://www.Considering cost?
  • How does this service work for people needing counseling?
  • Are there any additional services https://www.Considering offers?
  • Why should I use https://www.Considering

  • What is https://www.Considering

    https://www.Considering is a free online service that helps you find your ideal psychotherapist. Our network of professional psychotherapists includes our personalized matching system which effectively matches you with your ideal psychotherapist based on your unique goals, personality, and background. We insure confidentiality and take the guesswork out of finding a psychotherapist by matching qualified, licensed psychotherapists to clients who are seeking immediately available professional clinicians who specialize in their area of concern, are close to home or work, and are currently accepting new clients and their insurance. If you choose not to use your E. A. P. or health insurance benefits we also have excellent psychotherapists who provide "fee for service" and affordable "sliding fee scale" psychotherapy or counselors in training.

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    Does https://www.Considering offer Psychotherapy?

    No. We are a psychotherapist-client matching service, only.

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    How much does https://www.Considering cost?

    https://www.Considering matching service is absolutely free and confidential service for clients. As part of our services we will search for providers who work within your area of concern, are accepting clients, are located in a convenient geographical location and who work with your health insurance company In addition, even if a particular therapist is not a preferred provider with your health care company they or you may be able to bill your insurance company for reimbursement for you or your families services when these services are provided by a licensed mental health care provider.

    Licensed psychotherapists pay a monthly fee of $20.00 in order to be included on the referral list. We help clinicians market their practice by allowing their qualifications to be passed along various platforms to various clients. A clinician may cancel at any time without a penalty though cancellation fees are not prorated. For example, if I joined www.Considering on 9/15/16 and I wanted to cancel my subscription on 9/21/16; I would send an e-mail to www.Considering or telephone www.Considering and cancel my membership. There of course would not be any penalty fee and you would receive referrals up until the last day of September. You would, though, be charged $20.00 for the month of September and this fee would not be refunded or prorated. You would not be charged for any month after September of 2016, unless you joined again in a different month.

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    How does this service work for people needing counseling?

    Those needing counseling services are not charged for this service which begins by requesting a clinician from the drop down menu page or services page of this website. We than begin the process of finding the best matches for a client by matching them with a professionally licensed clinician who has expertise in their area of concern. Because finding a match can be equally dependent upon expertise and chemistry we provide at least three or more possible matches for a client. The client is than sent a name of available clinician(s) and can then request that their areas of concern be forwarded along to this clinician.

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    Are there any additional services https://www.Considering offers?

    If members are interested in placing an ad on the www.Considering website we will also assist and provide space for your ad at no additional cost. We can also help match interns or externs with board qualified supervisors. If you would like to link your website to ours or would like to develop your own unique web suite we will assist you with that as we have independent professionals who can create, design and manage a website for you. These fees are not included in your monthly fee though we have negotiated special low rates with a preferred web site development firm customers. We also provide articles of interest and advocacy on our website as well.

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    Why should I use https://www.Considering

    How do you find a competent therapist? Talk to your friends? Talk to an insurance company? Well here's a better way, talk to us. It's confidential, free and after listening to your concerns and questions, carefully, we will give you the names of three or more imminently qualified psychotherapists tailored to your needs, who accept your insurance, or are in your desired location and are qualified to help you and your family, now. You don't have to scramble through an alphabet of qualifications and licensure. Need a family therapist? We have those. Someone who works with individuals on the autism spectrum? We have those. Confused about who could help you or your family. We can help. Also, for mental health professionals we can help to market your clinical private practice so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Psychotherapy. We can help you get the word out to those who would benefit most from your services and match them with you. So that you may provide the services you are skilled at delivering; so that others may benefit and receive the services they require.

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